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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about ZapNo ? Sick of getting an electric shock from metal objects throughout your day? The ZapNo is a static discharge device that solves this problem. We've received a number of questions about the ZapNo, so we have some of our frequently asked questions listed below. How the ZapNo actually works is fully explained on the Home page.


Have a different question? Have a chat with us today about our product by contacting us. 

Why do people get zapped?

When there is friction between mostly synthetic materials (such as vinyl or carpeted floor coverings, shoes, rubber, plastic etc..) high voltage electrostatic energy is generated. The amount of energy accumulated is proportional to the degree of friction, the materials involved and the climatic conditions. When a person comes into contact with another differently charged mass such as a motor vehicle, screen door or even a supermarket shelf, a spark can jump from one object to the other to equalise their electrostatic potential. If one of the objects happens to be you, it can be quite startling and often painful. Your muscular reaction can even cause you to drop or damage what you are holding.

Does the ZapNo use batteries?

No, once you own a ZapNo it should last a lifetime if you don't damage it.

Are there any precautions I should take when using a ZapNo?


No, just use it as you saw in our video and it will serve you well for your lifetime. 

What is the expected life of a ZapNo?

The ZapNo should function indefinitely unless subjected to misuse or abuse. It is very difficult to damage. You would need to squash it or smash it to damage it.

How should I use a ZapNo to prevent me from being zapped?

To protect yourself  as you exit your car,  you would normally have your ZapNo on your key ring. By holding the key ring end of your Zapno between your fingers,  then simply touch the other end onto any metal part of your car, perhaps on a non-painted surface like a door lock mechanism. You can also use your ZapNo, in the same way, to protect against being zapped by doors, filing cabinets, supermarket shelves, shopping trolleys and much more.

What is the ZapNo Warranty Policy and Money-Back Guarantee?

If a ZapNo is found to be defective in any way, it will be replaced free of charge at any time in the future. If you simply don't want your ZapNo for any reason within 60 days of receiving it, you can return it along with the email address that was used to purchase it, a full refund will be deposited into your nominated account, once received.


As the inventor of the ZapNo and owner of the business, I personally don't want anyone to own a ZapNo unless they are completely satisfied with it, that is why I make the above commitments, as crazy as they sound.

Can Static Electricity cause an injury?

Static electricity generally causes discomfort, annoyance and in many instances some pain, so generally it is not regarded as harmful in a normal day to day domestic situation.


However, there is one potentially dangerous situation that should be avoided when refuelling your vehicle.  Serious injury and often death can result from a static buildup during a refueling process, so please take careful notice of the following information because it is likely that most of us have simply fluked not being injured to-date.


When you exit a vehicle to refuel, it is vital that you close the car door before you head for your fuel tank.  If you are auto filling the tank and then decide to return to the interior of your vehicle, you must always close the door. The reason is as follows, if you set the fuel delivery nozzle to automatic and then you walk away 'for any reason' you are no longer physically in contact with your vehicle which is very risky.


If you are no longer in contact with your vehicle you are likely to be acquiring a static build-up, depending on what you are doing. Perhaps you re-entered your vehicle to get something or to do something, when you slide across the seat you will acquire a static buildup.  Perhaps you entered the shop to get something, while in the shop you may walk on a vinyl floor surface where you will acquire a static buildup.  So when you are not in direct contact with your vehicle you must assume you are charged with static electricity. The next thing you are likely to touch is the fuel nozzle, which is surrounded with fumes from the fuel tank.


At the exact moment your hand touches the metal nozzle, a spark is likely to jump from your hand to the fuel nozzle, instantly igniting any fuel gasses. To ensure this won't happen to you, it is important to touch metal surfaces that are not near the fuel tank, just prior to touching the fuel nozzle.  It's that simple, manually filling your vehicle will keep you connected to the nozzle and vehicle at all times, so you will be safe.


If you noticed the ZapNo product was not mentioned above, this is because the focus is on providing a clear understanding of how to avoid a potentially dangerous situation.


The ZapNo product simply provides every user with a constant awareness of the various conditions that bring about static energy build-up.

Customer Feedback


Dear Bill,

Thank you for forwarding the Zapno. What a wonderful product. Since using the Zapno I have been able to do anything anywhere with the knowledge I will never get zapped again. 

Previous to my using the Zapno product, I found during the dry winter months and the long hot dry summers my life was a total misery due to being zapped continuously, but now I have total freedom from pain and discomfort, by just using the Zapno product. 

Congratulations on producing such a great product and I would certainly recommend Zapno to anyone.

Thank you, Bill and every success with the Zapno.


Yours sincerely,

Audrey Stubbs

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